5 x Large GreenSmart Pots

5 x Large GreenSmart Pots

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The GreenSmart self-watering pot is the sustainable gardening solution that brings food production into our homes with an effective use of space, engineering and horticultural design.

Developed in Australia out of a growing need for fresh organic produce, GreenSmart's self- watering pots produce higher yields with zero water wastage in less space and with very minimal effort.



  • Self-watering - only fill up once a week
  • Higher yields - produce more food faster
  • Clear water level indicator - indicates when it’s time to fill up
  • Perforated inner plate - aerates the roots & harvest rainwater
  • Cross cut holes on the outer wall - allows airflow & prevents over-watering
  • Wicking system design - plant feeds itself when required
  • Light weight & portable - ideal for renters, offices and businesses
  • Grow in any space - perfect for any garden, balcony rooftop or home
  • Never underwater or overwater your plants
  • Water conserving - Zero water wastage
  • Low maintenance and easy to use - No digging or weeding required
  • The easiest way to grow organic
  • Made from a BPA free, UV resistant, food grade plastic
  • 100% recyclable



Large (40 Litre) - 614mm L x 440mm W x 290mm H

Small (20 Litre) - 565mm L x 400mm W x 230mm H