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Growing your urban space

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No matter the size, shape or design of your garden - or even if you don't have one - we can help you create an organic food garden using less space and with very little effort


Nothing is more important than the air we breathe, so why not turn your unused space into an indoor green space that will clean the air and bring your work place to life


At GrowSPACE, we help people grow, that's why we donate our time and products towards creating and maintaining sustainable community gardens 


In your home

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Want fast growing fresh organic produce all year round? Our self-watering pots are the ultimate gardening solution that provide more produce, using less space and very minimal effort. Best part is it's portable which is great for renters and you only water once a week!


Want to grow fresh organic produce but don't have the floor space? Our self-watering vertical gardens are the perfect solution for growing strawberries, herbs, salads and other shallow root varieties. With our modular self-watering vertical garden, the skies the limit!  


Got plenty of organic food waste being thrown needlessly to landfill? Why not install one of our continuous flow Hungry Bin systems and have thousands of worms turn your waste into a super nutrient fertiliser your plants will love, composting up to 2kgs of waste per day!

In your office

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Organic Food Gardens

Want to grow your own organic food but don't have the time or space for a garden? At GrowSPACE we can turn any empty space into an organic food growing solution that is self-watering, easy to maintain and produces amazing results


INDOOR AIr Purification

Got an unused space in your office or WorkSPACE? Studies have shown that adding indoor air purifying plants can reduce stress, decrease fatigue, enhance mood and increase productivity by up to 12%, the best part is - they look great!


Garden Workshops

At GrowSPACE, we understand that setting up the right garden can be a little bit daunting - thats why we provide peace of mind with a range of workshops and personalised services that suit all levels of gardening - from beginner to advanced!


In your community